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A curious tech fanatic who is prominent in exploring cutting-edge & futuristic tech devices. I like to learn how the market works, unveil the happenings around the globe, and the list goes on. I take pride in my dexterity of time management and sales.

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I'M Amit . Entrepreneur

With 20 years of experience in business leadership, I would like to introduce myself as a pioneer and a business tycoon. I am proud to represent my significant expertise in leading business operations, finance, jewelers, and management.

Having tremendous experience in networking and compelling communication skills, I am competent to accomplish my goals with my teammates. Besides, what made me persistent and consistent are constructive critiques. These critiques encourage me to work smarter, harder, and better.

My Skill

My Technical Skills

Being a technophile, I take pride in learning about the ins & outs of a product. My proficiency in technology helps escalating my business activities efficiently.

Time Management

My Experiences

Being a tech enthusiast, I'm always curious to explore bleeding edge gadgets, learn how the market works, discover what’s happening around the globe and the list goes on.

    1. NBS Jewellers

    Founded in 1920, NBS Jewelers is one of the exquisite and impeccable jewelry retail brands. The successful brand takes pride in their top-notch, exclusive, & varied collection.

    2. SVD Jewellery

    SVD Jewelers was founded in 1920 as one of the most magnificent and honorable jewelry brands. What sets the brand apart from its competitors, is its expansive and heterogeneous collection.

    1. www.applehospitalindore.com

    Apple Hospital in Indore takes pride in being a multispeciality hospital with a team of 300+ team members. The hospital is widely known for providing medical assistance to all patients of all branches.
    With clinical supremacy, remarkable patient care, & unparalleled service, the hospital is equipped with 200 beds.

    2. Serge pharma pvt ltd.

    Being a philanthropic organization, we take pride in researching multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with operations on the island. As pivotal and influential leaders of the biopharmaceutical industry, we stimulate the comprehension of our social and economic contribution.

    1. KLS Facility Management

    A club is people’s organization who are interested in an activity and meet on a regular basis. Usually, friends, cousins, spouses, or colleagues often go out to nightclubs.

    2. Club Boudior in Dubai

    Club Boudior in Dubai truly believes that a remarkable customer experience is critical to the sustained growth of the business. The club provides an exceptional experience through exemplary service and loyalty.

IT Sector
    1. Sterrofox Pvt. ltd.

    Sterrofox Pvt. Ltd. is a B2B recruitment agency that provides state-of-the-art solutions custom-made for all businesses & industries. Our know-how lies in designing strategies, implementation, maintenance & support of the IT projects in major ICT companies.

    2. Aspin It technology pvt ltd.

    Aspin IT Technology started with a vision of being a worldwide pioneer in varied spheres of training, software development, staffing, and consulting. Today, the company has been successful in wide sectors such as in-house training, corporate training, and various IT workshops.
    The company is established on 3 attributes - Ingenious Ideas, Unparalleled Customer Services, & Outstanding Quality.


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